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What's the Point? with Rodgers Naylor

  • 02/08/2024
  • 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Art Gym, 1460 Leyden Street, Denver CO


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We'll be exploring the use of focal points in composition. 

Are they necessary? Important? Over-rated? 

What are the ways to emphasize the focal point of a painting? 

This will be an exploration of ideas, not the laying down of rules. 

Although we will focus on the focal point, we will consider all aspects of composition and, in fact, of painting. 

All of this will be done in the context of oil painting and is not limited to any particular subject or style of painting. 

The goal will be to help develop your own style of painting.  

We'll keep the atmosphere friendly, supportive and relaxed. 

The instructor, Rodgers Naylor, will offer some remarks and maybe a demo, but plan to spend most of the session painting from your own ideas or reference materials. 

Note: Class time will be from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. You can come as early as 12:30 pm to set up and we have until 4:30 pm to clean up.


Experienced beginner to advanced.


  • Small sketch book: 8" x 10" or smaller.
  • Pencils of varying hardness.  Instructor uses 2H, HB and 3B.
  • Photo references or other ideas to work from.  Bring several!
  • 1-2 Canvases.  Instructor recommends a small canvas. Either 8" x 10" or 11" x 14". However bring the size you like to work with. 
  • Brushes of various sizes.  For paintings this size instructor recommends Brights #2, #4 and #6.  And to have at least one filbert or a flat brush (size #6 or larger) for moving paint around in the largest shapes on your painting.
  • Oil Paints.  Bring the colors you like to work with, but not too many.  If in doubt I think that a good limited palette is:  Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Red Light, Quinacridone Rose OR Permanent Alizarin, Cobalt Blue OR Ultramarine Blue.  In any case it's good to have a medium yellow, a warm AND a cool red, and a medium blue, and white.
  • An easel (tabletop or standing)
  • Paper towels or rags (I use Viva paper towels)
  • Odorless mineral spirits like Gamsol (NO TURPENTINE PLEASE) and a small container to use them in (I use something called "SILICOIL").
  • Palette (I use a plastic 12x16 palette box with a glass surface inside the box).
  • Palette knife or knives.  (I use 2, one about 2" long and one is about 1" long).


Contact instructor: or 303-562-7554

About the Instructor

Rodgers Naylor studied drawing at the Atelier in Minneapolis and painting at the Art Students League in Denver. Both experiences still influence his paintings. Rodgers paints in oils both en plain air and in the studio. He shows his work in multiple galleries, at art fairs, and at juried art exhibitions. Most of his art time is devoted to painting and exhibitions, but he has also taught classes and workshops for the past ten years.


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