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Splish, Splash Puddles of Paint! with Randy Hale

  • 12/05/2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Art Gym, 1460 Leyden St., Denver, CO


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12/1/23 Please use these links to refer to:

Come prepared to paint with watercolor and have fun in this one day workshop. 

Instructor will provide a material list and some guidance prior to the workshop (see Supplies below).

During this one day workshop we may do 2-3 paintings. 

For each subject, instructor will demo a section for 10 minutes or so then the group paints. In this way students quickly learn and apply different techniques and create better work.

Instructor will get everyone loosened up, teaching how to let the paint mix and mingle on the paper instead of the palette to achieve the glowing transparent results unique to watercolor.

Experience level

This class is designed for watercolor enthusiasts who have some familiarity with the medium. It may move a bit too fast for those who have never painted before.

Supplies Instructor will Bring

Instructor will provide photo references, sample painting(s), sample line drawing(s), and illustrated handouts that include notations & takeaways.

Supplies Students Bring

2-3 sheets watercolor paper. 300# cold press. 11"x15" each. If using a watercolor block, use one sized 9"x12", 10"x14", or 11"x14".

Lightweight board to clip watercolor paper to for handling while painting.

Brushes: 1" flat, medium round, rigger

Water container for rinsing brushes

Paint Colors

Watercolor paint in the following:

  • Earth Tones: Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, and Burnt Sienna
  • Red Tones: Transparent Orange, Bright Violet
  • Cool Tones: Winsor Blue, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue
  • Green Tones: Golden Green, Cobalt Teal
  • Bonus hues: Quinachridone Rose, Manganese Blue, Perylene Green, Paynes Grey, Gamboge, Jaune Brilliant #1, Permanent White Gouche


Email or call instructor., 303-720-5116

About the Instructor

As a professional painter and workshop instructor, Randy Hale has a keen appreciation for developing good compositional awareness. To build an effective painting, the foremost goal should be to keep the viewer's attention. The message we deliver with our work ought to captivate, provide an element of mystery, and hopefully provoke a bit of intrigue.

Randy likes to think watercolor is best served with splashy, spontaneous strokes. It yearns to be transparent and luminous. Fluidity is the hallmark of watercolor. But of equal importance is dramatic use of light and shadow. This provides definition, brings form to life, and creates an understated rhythm between the real and imagined.

The goal for all creative work is to engage the viewer as an active participant. By leaving some things unstated we allow food for the viewer to interpret, letting their own experience color their response to what is presented. Regardless of the subject, Randy takes this approach in all his workshops!


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